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Just  Herbs, Inc

                        Call 1-888-59-HERBS (1-888-594-3727) to place your order or email your order to justherbs@yahoo.com.

Open 10 am to 9 pm ET

The spice & tea come in 2 sizes. 

The small bottle is 3.4 fl. oz and the large bottle is 16 fl. oz. 


The DRY culinary spice & tea is packed into bottles, producing a different weight for each spice or tea, but the volume never changes.  You receive what fits into the 2 bottle sizes.


Our dips come in 1 bottle size.  The dip bottle is 8.4 fl oz.  Remember, the DRY weight is dependent on the product, but by volume you receive what will fit into the 8.4 fl oz bottle.

Our prices are as follows:

3.4 fl oz bottle     $ 3.25

16 fl oz bottle     $ 9.75

8.4 fl oz bottle    $ 6.50

Call for bulk product orders of 1 pound or more.