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Black, Green, Red & Herbal Loose Teas

Other Hot Drinks & Tea Balls

BLACK TEA      (back to top)

Apple (Bits) Black Tea

Apricot (Bits & Blooms) Delight Black Tea

Assam GBOP Black Tea

Blackberry Black Tea  with flavored cut/sifted leaves

Cherry (Flavored) Black Tea

China Black Tea

China Black Congou Tea

Cinnamon (Bits) Black Tea

Cranberry (Bits) Black Tea

Earl Grey Black Tea

Ginger (Bits) Black Tea

Irish Breakfast Tea

Lavender (Blooms) Black Tea

Mandarin Orange (Bits) Black Tea

Orange (Bits) Spice Black Tea with Allspice & Cloves

Passionfruit (Blooms) Black Tea

Peach-Ginger (Bits) Black Tea

Raspberry Black Tea with flavored cut/sifted leaves

Spiced Fruit Black Tea with bits of Apple,Cinnamon, Cranberry & Orange

Strawberry-Vanilla Black Tea with flavored cut/sifted leaves

Vanilla (Flavored) Black Tea

GREEN TEA       (back to top)

China Jasmine (Blooms) Green Tea

Gunpowder Green Tea (whole individually rolled leaves)

Japanese Rose Green Tea

Moroccan Mint Green Tea (whole individually rolled leaves with spearmint)                                                         

Orange (Bits) Spice Green Tea with Allspice & Cloves

Peach-Ginger (Bits) Green Tea

Peach (Bits & Blooms) Green Tea

Rickshaw Restaurant Green Tea    (Oolong Blend)

RED TEA       (back to top)

Rooibos Tea

Rooibos Chai Tea

Rooibos Lemon Ginger Tea

HERBAL TEA       (back to top)

Catsclaw Herbal Tea

Catnip Herbal Tea

Chamomile Herbal Tea

English Garden Herbal Tea


Forever Fruit Herbal Tea

Herbal Orange Tea

Indian Spice Herbal Tea

Lavender Bloom

Lemon Ginger Herbal Tea



Red Clover 

Relaxing Herbal Tea


OTHER DRINKS        (back to top)

Cider Blend

Hot Cocoa

TEA BALLS & INFUSOR        (back to top)

2" Tea Ball  (18/8 Stainless Steel)

2 1/2" Tea Ball (18/8 Stainless Steel)

3 " Tea Ball (18/8 Stainless Steel)

1 1/2" Infusor (18/8 Stainless Steel)


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